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The ping pong game of responsibility in 21th century life with responsibility we liberate ourself I do wonder whom was the first person to noticed and the growth pattern of fruits and the one who gave himself the self determined responsibility to remember it, thus becoming one of the people in the trib look at for knowledge of where and when to find delicious fruit In a bold statement i will say that all of us living in the developed world begin east or west have once in our life time been in contact with and endure a tedious phone que to later found out it was not the right place to call, or when we ask a certain question befitting the person at hand been reviving the thumberouse answer of “Not my responsibility” To whom is the responsibility of what is a question that should be easy to answer who is responsible to the their child begin on time to school, who is responsible for once health, however when we start asking a broader question, who is responsible for our children's education or the health of our crops its start heading to a jungle few have find joy in. Here in sweden a current educational ministry suggested to redact the history lessons on the bases on redundancy of the subject; now lets for a moment say this happened. Let's say a group of adults, parents of the children would find out that the history class had been replaced by X or Y and thus went to the school to find out more and change it back to the old. I will here go in a limb and say what i think the parents would do so bare with me in this fictional scenerio The parents will enter the school as they are picking up their kids, then they will in union led by a strong willed charter which be named X. They go their the principal office P: Oh whomst are find me here do come near X: we are thou parents in rage in this disgrace P: what does thou conceive X: Why haven't our kids not be tough in the ancient arts P: that is the new curriculum sent by the rulers of our days to taken shape X: what! by when and whom? P: It was talked and ruled for a while by now, haven't you heard? anyhow I cant do much but do as said it would go against the law and be unjust towards you kids X: this is bizarre! P: you have to talk to the history teacher to know more As P won’t or can’t justice their stance other than by virtue of law the parents move forward. They'll meet the teacher at hand T. ive heard you arrival because of the new changes X: yes we are very displeased why have you taken out this and replaced it T: I see i am too not a fan of this as how can we let our kids miss the interesting history X: you must teach them anyhow T : No i am afraid not because if i do not i’ll be punished severely by the principal for neglecting the curriculum So after a ping pong of “its not me who can choose” they return to the principal whom in turn tells them if he would let the kids learn about the ancients instead of whatever its been replaced by the school might face problem hence it will stick to the curriculum and the principal will ensure the parents that the decision made have been made with their kids best in mind and they should place faith in the ruling body. Telling them if they want change they’ll have to go and talk to the political body of the city or county, alternative make some action that will provoke a change, what the principal is not sure of because this have never been personality needed. (for a reality check this proposal was indeed conjured in sweden and was shot down by the history teachers of sweden however if we look around the world we can find countries where the ancients are barely mentioned for example common core in USA) SO whomst are responsible for the decline in quality education is it the parents? is the gov? is it the teachers? is it the children? a mexican standoff! pewpew Shalt we pretend again. We are zeus we have a lighting to throw whom do we punished? Corporal autism “I can't do that it goes against our policy , iam just doing my job” When recently asked about the parket tickets in stockholm city the major was shock to learn that in their budget its accounted they would a certain million just from ticking, to clarify they counted on certain amount of people breaking traffic laws for the budget to work in the first place. with ambiguous sign and laws one could easily contest a conspiracy on the behalf of the ruling body over stockholm. Can we give the major the benefit of a doubt that he in fact did not know the city budget? When asked he clearly said this should not be. go and see if it changed. When asked about the about the boycott over certain swedish political parties to utilize the kings garden because of they “ anti democracy and racist ” a very virtues reason. Then preceding redirecting the interviewer to certain people. The idea with corporal autism, is the most familiar to us in this sense political or media personal dodging questions with questionable moral implication, nothing new really. What this deep dive is the common man. Lets say a person at hand is not instructed nor shown by a sign that in order to ride a train he needs to buy a ticket then when the train conductor is coming shall he give a ticket to the man whomst unkowling did wrong? is it morally right? Is it fair to the conductor whom might lose his jobb is a superior sees him? is it fair towards the superior whom might not like the idea? this chain command is very intriguing one because who have the responsibility? The question of right and wrong is a ancient one, the question of humanity is not so ancient. it wasn't long ago we lived in a world with colonies and slaves. master races and subjects. In this age we like to see ourselves as a humanity time. So in this human time why is there this anti social tendencies of non sympathy and empathy. How can for example the nation of india who annaxe kashimere and denied its citizens the internet and treated them with violance? why isnt the rest of the Indian citizen looking at it and taking action on the virtue of “ i don't want that happened to me ! “ why does the train conducter give a ticket when he himself dont think its just if it happened to himself? One reason i propose is the corporal autism, when we work with people seeing them as mere object of the interaction, like a clerk at a supermarket whom scans items all day and see every customer as a customer who pays with card or cash, or the police man who walks the streets looking for criminals or teachers who see the people as students. This later on like a mental virus spreads to the rest of once social interaction with people whom one does not have a pre-existing social connection with. Here the question of responsibility is comes again? whose responsibility is it to acknowledge the unique individual and its own? One might argue that infact there is no sense as uniqueness amongst individuals and everyone is a mere adoption of certain traits. with this logic in the driver seats the destination would be a living organism (nation stattes, cities etc.) that don't recognize itself hence we would ‘lose’ our self recognition which is arguable one aspects that separates us from other pack animals in this senario i would argue that the mass of people would hence become pray of poeple with anti social diagnoses such as sociopaths. Lets pretend that the world is ledd top down with pyshos who only thinking of themself, how fun would that be? would we return to the age of warlords and feudalism spearheaded by ceo’s and ministries, should we lay our trust in these people to govern those who have no interest in nation building? The commoner whom is forced in to the social contract by the vitrue of birth in X or Y place in x or y time? Or is this the case that its there responsibility to be interested in nation building by the same virtue? Let's say then you are the parking master the one who gives the tickets in stockholm is it your duty as a civil that have noticed that the work you are performing is in fact a conspiracy for the city to gain extra revenue on your neighbours and your common people? is it your responsibility to not give tickets or to perform a palace revolt? This is the core of corporal autism, are we going to diss interact with humans leaving one to monotone perform the immoral action one is told to do with the banner of “ Just doing my job” “just doing my job” one distance themself for the workings of onces work, in action saying “no it's not me begin mean or immoral i am just a tool for x” This question can go as deep as different occupations go lets take a professional killer getting confronted by their victims family F: Why did you kill our son! He was a decent young man who had a future just like you! K: See it wasnt my ination! i was forced to do this by the circumstances of my habitat! F: You knew what you did when you pulled the trigger! this is a inevitable consequence of your action! K: Maybe that's the case however I did not think of it that way in the moment you must excuse me it had to be done otherwise my family and me life would be at stake! you see when i started this job, i only saw the opportunities and a life finally worth living for me and my family! your son was just a casualty of war so to speak. F: He was a person just like you! Now the killer in this could be a Iraqi soldier shooting a protester, it could be a scientist of MKultra program or maybe a drug dealer in a cartel. Might is right To finish the text i’ll like to remember a time from my personal life, sitting on a seaside restaurant eating lunch with my a family relative, during the discussion of drug use, i referred to the demonetization of psychedelic drugs are inherently started with the Churches and as a way to tighten the grip of power the churches spawn by and in the byzantine times had, to this the response was “, maybe there is a reason why they are still around today and the witches and shamans are not “ then by justifying killing in the name of might is right. In the end isn't it that whom prevails? isn't the history written by the winners? Is it so that in the end of the day it will always be those who wield might and sough it that is right, like kings givinth their title by god or by international ceo’s and baking families shall we bow to their rights or shalt we disobey?

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